Intranet For

Everybody needs to be able to access HR information on your intranet. This can cover everything from pay and benefits to processes such as booking vacation time or individual training. Including this content on your intranet can save a lot of time for HR executives, as employees can find the answers to questions themselves.

Make sure your HR information is well structured to help employees find the information they need. For example, some organizations choose to structure content in the form of an employee lifecycle.

We’ve previously explored how your intranet can support new joiners when they start at your organization. Create a ‘new hire’ center that includes or links to all those resources employees need on their very first day. This could include an overview of the company with a walk-through of key areas like organizational structure and strategy, and key forms and checklists that make the onboarding process easier. Having a streamlined onboarding process not only is efficient; it also ensures that every new hire checks off the entire list.

New hires should also be made to feel welcome, and a special welcome video from the CEO on your intranet can be a nice touch.